Virginia Legends Walk
Caroline County, Virginia

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - William Clark has been honored by the Commonwealth's Virginia Legends Walk as the Class of 2010. As the 36th inductee since the Walk began in 1999, Clark joins Meriwether Lewis, who co-headed the team from 1803-05 that was the first overland expedition undertaken by the United States to the Pacific Ocean. Clark finished seventh in voting in 2009. Clark was born in Caroline County, Virginia in 1770. Along with Lewis, Clark led the "voyage of discovery" ordered by President Thomas Jefferson to explore routes across America's new territories of the Louisiana Purchase. In addition to sharing command, Clark also had record-keeping duties. Especially important were the maps he created for the party's route. After Lewis's death, Clark became responsible for publication of the expedition's journals. From 1822 until his death he held the position Superintendant of Indian Affairs.

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