Virginia Legends Walk

* Arthur Ashe
World-Class Tennis Champion
* Pearl Bailey
World's "Ambassador of Love"
* Richard E. Byrd
Pioneer of Polar Exploration
* The Carter Family
America’s Country Music Legends
* William Clark
America's Trailblazer
* Patsy Cline
Queen of Country Music
* Katie Couric
Solo Anchor and Managing Editor
* Ella Fitzgerald
First Lady of Jazz
* William Henry Harrison
Old Tippecanoe
* Patrick Henry
Leader of American Liberty
* T.J. "Stonewall" Jackson
Soldier and Educator
* Thomas Jefferson
Author of the Declaration of Independence
* James Patrick Lannon
Medal of Honor & Navy Cross Recipient
* Robert E. Lee
General, Educator and Statesman
* Meriwether Lewis
America's Trailblazer
* Douglas MacArthur
Five-Star Army General
* Matthew Fontaine Maury
Pathfinder of the Seas
* James Madison
"Father of the Constitution"
* George C. Marshall
Nobel Peace Prize Winner
* John Marshall
Founder of Constitutional Law
* George Mason
Author of Virginia's Declaration of Rights
* Cyrus McCormick
* James Monroe
Founder of U.S. Foreign Affairs
* George S. Patton
Superlative Military Commander
* Pocahontas
Princess and Peacekeeper
* Edgar Allan Poe
"The Dark Genius" of Literature
* Chief Powhatan
Native American Leader
* Walter Reed
Medical Pioneer
* Claude V. Ricketts
Seaman Apprentice to Four-Star Admiral
* Bill "Bojangles" Robinson
Superstar Dancer, Entertainer
* Secretariat
Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing
* Alan B. Shepard
First American in Space
* Captain John Smith
America's Earliest National Hero
* Dr. Ralph Stanley
Grammy Award Winner, Bluegrass Musician
* William Styron
Pulitzer Prize Writer
* Zachary Taylor
"Old Rough and Ready"
* John Tyler
Established "Full Presidential Powers"
* Booker T. Washington
Educator, Race Relations Pioneer
* George Washington
Father of Our Country
* L. Douglas Wilder
First elected African-American Governor
* Woodrow Wilson
Author of the Versailles Treaty
* Tom Wolfe
Father of New Journalism

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